Typescript, meet React

Over the last week, I've refurbished and updated a talk I gave at SoCal React in July 2017 called "TypeScript, meet React".

I've been fond of TypeScript for a couple years now: I think that JavaScript is an incredible delivery platform for apps hidden underneath a bad language. TypeScript takes a lot of my issues with building consistent, reliable applications, and brings them to the front and center with compile-time errors.

There's many TypeScript success stories out there, and here's another addition: it's been a great addition to the Byteconf stack. Rails compiles JS bundles as part of the deploy process, so there's been multiple instances that the TypeScript layer has stopped a bad deploy from going out. It's a great addition to any hobby project if only to save your butt.

Here's the slides from the talk. Of course, some of the vibe of the talk is missed by not actually hearing the presentation part: I may flesh it out and try and present it again at some local meetups - maybe I'll add some video of that in the future if I get around to that stage.

The source for the slides is available on GitHub as well.

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